ZRK - Szarotka

ZRK - Szarotka

Brand and type: ZRK Szarotka. This seems to mean "Edelweiss", a rare mountain flower

Produced: estimated 1957 in Poland. According to Jan Rudzinsky, ZRK means Zaklady Radiowe Kasprzaka.

Obtained: I got this one from my sister-in-law around 1985. That time it was very rare, but lately I saw a few at flee markets.

Bands: long/medium wave.

Power: 220 V AC through an external power supply on which the radio sits. This device was kindly donated by Piotr Paskowsky from Poland. Batteries in case of portable use are 60-75 V and a single D-cell.

Tubes: 1R5 (osc. and mixer) - 1T4 (IF stage) - 1S5 (detector/pre-amp) - 3Q4 (output) - DM70 (indicator)

Controls: Flat disc-shaped knobs on both sides for Volume/on-off and tuning, push buttons on top for the wavebands. Also a switch that disables one half of the output stage filament, thus saving a 50 mA. And reducing ouput power of course.

Condition: 8

Working: 8, although sound quality is rather poor as often seen with these small portables, due to litlle output power and a tiny speaker. The DM70 works in a reversed mode: when tuned to the max the green stripe is at minimum.