Workshop - Books and spare dials... Workshop - the bench.... Workshop - some piled stuff

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My workshop As you can see, every hobbyist has his own ideas and possibilities to decorate his sanctuary. My place is small, about 5 sq. meters. It is packed like a tin of sardines. But big enough to work on all radios, also the bigger ones. In the past I used to work on TV's also, but that's no fun anymore. One guest can find a seat, no more audience possible.
The mechanical work, like grinding, drilling, welding, dust blowing, whatever is relegated to the cellar.

The left image shows some books, which one can't do without in this hobby. All together I have more than 100 technical books but in fact I use a few very often, and others never leave the dusty shelf. Also dials I saved from junkers and probably never will be needed, the same for some 50 speakers hanging at the walls. In the middle is the actual workbench, not cleaned for the picture.
At the right a pile of "work ahead", in the middle of it the Telefunken E 127 Kw/5 boatanchor, a backbreaking heavy shortwave receiver. Very well built, bulletproof in fact. But I'm thinking of selling it, it occupies too much space.

All pictures were taken with the Samsung SDC-33 at resolution 640x480 pixels.