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Brand: Unknown

Produced: USA (printed on the scale) around 1940.

Cabinet: Wood covered with imitation snakeskin. Wooden knobs. The carrying handle is also wood, covered with leather.

Tubes: 1A7 (osc. and mixer) - 1N5 (IF amp.) -1H5 (detector and pre-amp) - 1C5 (output amp.)

Obtained: in 1987 on an open air market, were it was accompanied by a horrible collection of junk. I got it for $20. Not really a halleluja price because of it's condition.

Power: batteries 90V and 1.5V.

Condition: 7

Working: fine, and thanks to an American fellow collector who sent me a schematic of a similar set. I had been working on it several times, checked everything, and got zero results. Finally I decided to take it to pieces and rebuilt it according to the schematic. This diagram was slightly different on details. That was the remedy, now it works fine ! If you know who manufactured it, please contact me.