Schaub Camping Luxus - portable

Schaub Camping Luxus portable

Brand: Fellow collector Walter Groer from Germany wrote to me that he owns an almost similar radio, the only visible difference being the knobs. His radio is a Schaub. So from now on I have a Schaub instead of a Lorenz. Some stickers inside show Lorenz, this made me think it was the Lorenz brand.
The acrylic shield on front right onder the dial, covering a paper Lorenz-sticker which I found on the inside, is made by me.
Mr. Groer confirms that my guess about the type, a Camping Luxus, is right. His radio has some other tubes than mine, for instance his one has 2 output tubes. Maybe mine should have that too, a schematic would tell. This radio had a price of DM380 at introduction, not really a cheapo.

Produced: Germany around 1955.

Cabinet: All bakelite, a leather carrying handle. At the back a small compartment to store the power cord, of which
the lid is missing.

Tubes: DC90 (FM-frontend) - DK92 (mixer/oscillator AM) - DAF96 (detector and audio pre-amp) - 3V4 (output).
Also 4 pcs. DF96, all IF-stages? I don't know. That DC90 was hard to find when I needed a replacement. There's no
US equivalent type for it as far as I know.

Power: 110 to 220 V AC/DC or batteries. There is room for batteries, but no cables to connect them. No indications
inside on the types to be used.

Bands: Long/medium and short waves, UKW (FM) from 87 up to 100 Mc.

Controls: Pushbuttons for the bands, for Aus and for "Spar" which divides the filament current of the output tube by 2.
Knobs for Volume and tuning, 2 thumbwheels for Tone control. Connections at the back for AM-antenna and ground,
and a FM-dipole. And a receptable for a pickup (I guess), activated by inserting the banana plugs. It disables some
receiving tubes at the same time, after pulling the plugs it takes a few seconds to restart the radio functions.

Antennas: Built-in ferrite rod for MW and LW. Two telescopic rods for SW and FM. One of this lacks a tip.

Obtained: From a fellow collector in '87. I paid 90 guilders for it.

Condition: 7 because of the missing parts: the small lid at the back, the antenna tip, the name tag on the front.

Working: Great on all bands. Good sound too. It shows what is known as: Deutsche Gruendlichkeit.