SBR - 635A

SBR635A Click on picture to enlarge

Brand and type: SBR 635A

Produced: Belgium 1934

Cabinet: Looks like solid mahogany.

Tubes: E446 (Philips)-9VMP4-U10-21MHSD-16MPT4, all Marconi makes and all are exotic types to me.

Condition: 7

Bands: long/medium

Working: no, although I do have a schematic (which shows only 4 tubes...) and made several attempts to get it going. Tube filaments are OK, that's all I know. Neon tuning indicator.

Obtained: on a flea market 10 years ago, I paid definetely too much for it. At first I wanted to sell it but it doesn't feel good to do away with a non-working device.