Early Philips razors

Philips razor 7333

According to the memorial issue "Philips 100", published on the occasion of Philips' 100th anniversary, the razor on the left picture - type 7733 - had already been in production for ten years in1948! The case is made of brown or black bakelite, just like the big plug containing a voltage switch and a resistor to drop voltage from 220 to 110 V AC or DC. Producing the rotating knife was a matter of high precision.

I have a few of these 7733, still in perfect working order. The price at introduction as shown in guilders on the poster is about 11 Dollars at the current rate. The lady seems to be satified with the shaving results!

This model 7733 was followed in 1948 by egg-shaped razors in ivory white, with only one head at first: type 7735, with two a few years later, called type 7743. Nowadays we have them with three moving heads following the contours of your face, with built-in intelligence...