Pointbleu speaker

Point Bleu - loudspeaker

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Brand : Point Bleu - type unknown. "Point Bleu" is French for Blue Point, or the German word Blaupunkt. In the meantime I saw a similar speaker with the Blaupunkt-brand printed on it.

Produced: In France or Germany, estimated early 30's

The speaker is rather big: 38 cm in diameter, the depth is 25 cm. See the audio cassette tape for reference

The electro-mechanical system looks like something which is referred to as "Freischwinger" in old books. The paper cone is driven by a metal needle, which is powered by the horseshoe-magnet and some electric coils. The mechanism looks intricate.

Want to hear a sound-sample from this oldie? I took a 1930's song "Smile when the raindrops fall". It was used in the Laurel and Hardy-comedy Busy Bodies. It comes from the CD "The Beau Hunks play the original L+H music". First I recorded the song on an old taperecorder, then I sent the signal to the speaker through an output transformer, because of the high impedance of the speaker.

Click the note to hear a 30 seconds mp3-sample. The size is 112Kb.

Obtained: This item comes from a collector whose basement was cleared out by fellow collector Gerard Tel and me. As most items from that collection, this one also was in sorry looking condition.

Condition:OK after restoration. I connected new (plastic isolated) wires at the coils, which have 500 ohm DC resistance. The cone had loosened from the frames edge but is now reconnected with a new felt ring. As you hear from the sample, the device sounds metallic but it's fit for use now.

Any information on this item is very welcome! I am curious where and how this speaker was used. You can mail me from my Homepage.