Philips - 148

Philips 148 portable

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Brand and type: Philips 148 - portable. This type number doesn't match the usual Philips coding system. Fellow collector Gerard Tel explains it all at Philips and Norelco type numbers.

Produced: estimated 1957, where ? Could be in Australia.

Bands: Only one from about 500 to 1600 KHz, therefore equal to the European medium wave band.

Controls: Switch it on by opening the fliptop lid. Big thumbwheels beside the scale for volume and tuning.

Power: 220 VAC or on batteries through a 6 pin-4 wire connector, no voltages given. Connecting the line cord female plug in the radio disconnects the battery through a switch.

Scale: There are a number of sections: NSW.2, VIC.3, OLD.4, SA.5, 6.Wa and 7.TAS. Several foreign collectors informed me that these are Australian regions.

Cabinet: Dark red bakelite side panels, metal front and rear panel, bakelite carrying handle. The antenna coil is in the left side panel.

Tubes: 1R5 (osc/mixer) -1T4 (IF amp) - 1S5 (detector and preamp) and 3V4 (output). Also the 6V4-rectifier for mains supply.

Condition: A 9 for this one. Without 2 small dents it would score a 10.

Working: Great, but the mains rectifier 6V4 takes its time to warm up.