Orion - BR701

Orion BR701 portable

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Brand and type: Orion BR701 portable. According to Andras Ban from Hungary, the radio was produced in his country in 1955. Nowadays the company is called YUGANSKORIONNEFTEGAS Electronics Ltd.

Case: Leatherette covered metal, bakelite side panels, leather handle stuffed with hair, cream plastic front with a wooden roll-off panel. The schematic is on the inside of the back lid.

Tubes: 1R5T-2x 1T4T-DM70-1S5T-3V4. According to Andras Ban the T at the end was an addition of the Tungsram factory and simply means Thorium cathode. I never found anyone or anything to confirm this.

Bands: Long/medium and 2 shortwave bands: from 16-27 m (18-12 MHz) and 24-54 m (12-6 MHz)

Power: Batteries 70V and 2x 1.5V. Mains supply is also possible via an external adaptor which is connected through a six pin plug in the bottom. Unfortunately I don't have that device, Andras says it is rare in his country too. Besides, he says the B+ should be a 90V instead of 70V. That would increase sensitivity too.

Antenna: can be pulled out, looks like a blue steel band measure with a bakelite tip.

Controls: Volume/off, tone, tuning, band selector

Connects: for a turntable in the sidepanel, inserting the plug disables radio reception.

Condition: 8, it has a minor almost invisible crack in the front. The leatherette shows some wear.

Working: Good but not too sensitive. See above.