Metz Babyphone S155

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Brand and type: Metz Babyphone S155 - portable radio and record player. Of course only the 7" - 45 rpm records fit into it.

Produced: Germany around 1954

Cabinet: Mine is dark red bakelite, in a book I found it was made in green also. The speaker is at the left side, the cover at the right side is just a gimmick to make it look symmetrical.

Tubes: Nothing special, just 4 in the usual range D(.)96

Power: Mains from 110 to 220 V and batteries: 2 for the heaters and 3 for the turntable motor, all D-cells. The high tension type should be a 90V. Even without all the batteries this is a rather heavy guy.

Controls: Pushbuttons at the right side for MW/LW or record player, on/off and a button marked S, function unknown. Near the turntable is a rotating knob to adjust the speed from about 40 to 50 rpm. Maybe this was used when the motor batteries got exhausted thus lowering the turntables speed?

Obtained: At a big flea market at the end of 1989. There was no possibility to test it then, and who wouldn't believe the charming old lady selling it, saying that it played real fine last week?

Condition: The outside looks OK and is complete, though I made one knob myself (you can't see the difference). Good working, that's another story. The ferrite rod was travelling around the innards at first inspection, and all the thin wires were broken off. The turntable runs OK but the cartridge doesn't produce a sound. So all in all rather useless until I find the inspiration to repair it.

I have a similar one with a wooden snake skin covered cabinet, also called Metz Babyphone (without the S155). The design is totally different, it has only MW but this one works OK. The turntable also acts as tuning control and dial....