Loewe Opta - Tilly

Loewe Opta - Tilly

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Brand and type: Loewe Opta - Tilly. The Loewe company has a rich history. In 1925 they introduced the multiple tube type 3NF , in fact the first integrated circuit ever. The tube contains 2 pre-amp and an output amplifier tube, together with all the passive components like resistors and capacitors. To avoid gasses coming of and out of the resistors and caps, thus spoiling the main tubes vacuum, they each were enclosed in tiny glass tubes! This is hardly visible at the picture. These tubes are being rebuild nowadays and the replicas are no cheapos! Dr. Loewe also was a pioneer in early mechanical television, together with the Scottish engineer Baird.

Produced: Germany 1955/56.

Cabinet: Grey plastic front and back, the case itself is a kind of wooden rectangle. The carrying strap is rather tight on top of the case, you need to have tiny (ladies'?) fingers if you do not want them pinched. This is a small and elegant radio: dimensions WxHxD = 23x15x6 cm.

Tubes: 1H33 - 1L33 - 1AF34 - 1F34. These types are rarely used, this is one of 2 portables I have using them. I have not one spare. Kelvicl Antonin kindly sent me the tubes data from a 1976 Tesla catalogue.

Power: Batteries 75V and 1.5V.

Bands: Long and medium waves.

Controls: Volume, tuning, pushbuttons LW/MW and on/off.

Connects: There's some connector inside, almost hidden by the carrying strap at the side. Looks as if meant for an external power source. How you're supposed to get a plug in is a full riddle: just cut a piece out of the strap?

Obtained: July 1986, I paid a bit too much. The guy said it worked fine. After I took a short peek inside, I paid him his price.

Condition: 8, some paint from the emblem is getting of.

Working: Good but as I don't have any spare tubes I don't play it often.