Philips IdeeZet

Philips IDZ tube

Do you recognize a modern electronic device in this "lamp"? In fact, this is the first triode produced by Philips in 1917. It was not the company's idea to step into electronics: they were asked to develop a detector-lamp by a Dutch radio pioneer,
the engineer Schotanus Steringa Idzerda.

He was probably the first person worldwide to transmit music programs on a regular basis, for which he made announcements in the newspapers. The first transmission of this kind could be heard in November 1919.

A few thousands were manufactured and the price at the time was 12.50 guilders. I'm proud to have one in my collection!
There are stamps on both ends. On the one end the stamp reads "P 25-30V", this must be the plate voltage. On the other end: "0.5amp max.4V" for the filament.. Overall length = 118 millimeters. And indeed, the thread on both sides is the regular E14 as used for small light bulbs.