Erres - KY552

Erres - KY552

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Brand and type: Erres - KY552 - portable. The name comes from the founder R.S.Stokvis, where Erres is a phonetic transcription of the initials R.S. in Dutch. Originally it was a trading company, the radios were made by others like NSF and Van der Heem in Hilversum, The Hague and Rotterdam. Around 1990 Erres was swallowed by Philips.

Produced: In Holland estimated 1954.

Case: Brown bakelite. You're looking at the front now, right? Well, this one is pulling your leg with a special gimmick. Front and back are identical, both show the scale and the sliding pointer, speaker grille etc. But there's only one speaker, that side should be considered the front of course.

Tubes: DF96 (RF-stage) - DK96 (osc./mixer) - DF96 (IF-stage) - DAF96 (det.+1st. AF) - DL96 (audio output).

Bands: Long-medium-shortwave from 5.8 to 19 MHz thus covering European broadcasting stations on 16 to 49 meters wavelength.

Power: Batteries or mains. When operating on batteries the mains plug should go into an internal receptable to switch batteries on.

Condition: 8 - A little piece of bakelite is broken off the bottom..

Working: Very well, and it sounds better than an average tube portable.

Obtained: I bought it from a guy who had to choose between his radios and his oldtimer Citroen automobile.