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1958 and nothing to worry about.....

At the picture, taken in 1958, I am designing my first website it seems....
I remember radio from that era as a talking box hanging at the wall. There was a big bakelite knob mounted below it, to select a program, about 10 I guess.

In fact it wasn't a radio but a loudspeaker, the program was delivered over a wire. One could subscribe to such a service, and the speaker would then be installed at your home. No real radio required, no worries about repairs, setting up the antenna, and paying rates for the device. Later my parents bought a real radio. It had a mysterious green eye and a glass plate with names written on it. Maybe in that period I got infected by the radio virus.

I am a serious collector since I was 22. My focus over the years has been on tube portables from the fifties, but does not exclude other items, big tubed stereo radios for instance and nice radios from the 30's and 40's lately. That's why I want to sell some radios from time to time, otherwise they take over power in the house! At the moment I am not looking for anymore tube portables. The smaller early transistors are of more interest now, as are the huge German transistor portables of the 60's.

As a young boy I found an old shopkeeper who had amassed hundreds of radios during WWII. She sold them at the backdoor at only 1 guilder a piece! (about 1/3 of a dollar at the time). I carried them home on my bike and most of these pre-war beauties ended up slaughtered, a few survived as sorry looking guitar amplifiers. We did not hesitate to paint them over or ruin them otherwise - the age of wisdom had yet to come. Nowadays no remains of that period in the sixties can be found in my house. Ten years after I began to collect seriously. And found out that collecting often means repair, restoration and refinishing.

And it's not only radios I'm interested in, there's more.
Riding my bike (and working on it), photography, good food and drinks, computers, music, antique machines, the original Laurel and Hardy films on video, German "krimi's", cartoons, and 52 other things. A small selection:

Some other items: