Some antique motorcycles

Antique machines and motorcycles always had my special attention. On this page you see 6 examples of early bikes. Some I saw in museums, I never was given the opportunity to ride such an oldie, it's a pity. I guess it takes special skills to ride and to stop again of course! I selected them on a "just like it" basis. Pictures were taken from several books.

Anzani Super-Moto 1923FN 1905

Left: Anzani Super-Moto 1923 from Belgium. Ain't this an elegant beauty? The chassis is made of riveted steel plates resulting in a weight of 330 kg! The engine is a 1000cc V-twin Anzani - if it's able to sufficiently speed up this heavy beast is unknown. Below the lamp you see three fat spiral springs.

Right: FN 1905 also from Belgium. FN comes from Fabrique National d'Armes de Guerre, a company producing arms. In the early days of motorcycling FN was famous for their 4-in-line engines. This one is 360cc and can deliver 3.85 hp at 2500rpm.

Henderson 1911Ner-a-car 1921

Two Americans now: left the Henderson 1911.Engine is a 4-in-line. This Mr.Henderson later was involved with famous cycles as ACE and Excelsior. Look at the front seat for the passenger! On the right is a Ner-a-car 1921. Built from C.A. Neracher, the name means "nearly a car". One of its features was the hub steering. I'm not sure if it has a 2-stroke engine.

Mars 1923Megola 1920

Two examples of German craftsmenship. At the left a Mars 1923 with a 956cc engine from Maybach. I've seen this bike in several museums, the one in Bad Oyenhausen is in fact a stunning replica. At first the museums conservator only had the 2 wheels and a rusty piece of scrap, called an engine, now it is his finest piece. On the right the Megola 1920 with the 5-cylinder engine of 640cc mounted in the frontwheel. Hard to believe that this chair-on-2- wheels won the German roadracing championship in 1924. It could reach up to 140km/h.