Portable mechanical clock radio's

 Mechanical clockradio's Click on picture to enlarge

Brand and type: Not very important if you ask me: the green one is a Binatone, type Travel-mate, at the left is a Coral. Brands like Sony, Philips and a number of European and US-manufacturers were important over the years for radio history. The uncountless fantasy brands from the Far East are not, and will not be remembered or be copied, which is the best way to honour a former famous radio. These two radios belong to the meaningless bulk market products, though I like them.

Produced: Both in Honkong, probably late 60's.

Power: 9 Volt batteries for the radios, the clocks are spring-driven.

Bands: MW and LW for the Binatone, the Coral only MW.

Controls: On/off/volume, and some knobs on the clocks to set time and alarm-time, and wind up the springs.

Obtained: On flea markets in 1997. Some sellers ask a 100 Dutch guilders ($50) at this time (1999) for these items, I paid a few guilders only.

Condition/working: Both clocks work, as does the radio part. I repaired the Coral's clock, but don't recall how.... Your wake-up is achieved by a mechanical ringer, or by the radio which is triggered by an internal switch in the clock. Both radio's are complete and without damage, though the chromium plating of the Coral is a bit worn out. The Binatone can be closed with a lid, on which the radio sits. Both radios have luminous (radio-active?) hands.