Braun - 100B

Braun 100B portable click on picture to enlarge

Brand and type: Braun - 100B - Portable. Nowadays Braun is known for shavers. Braun as a brand for high-end audio doesn't exist anymore, it's now part of Analog and Digital Systems Inc., whose products are called ADS. Braun was founded in 1921 in Frankfurt am Main.

Produced: Germany, estimated 1955.

Cabinet: Cream white plastic. In the back lid is a printed diagram which came in handy. The carrying handle has to be pulled up.

Tubes: DK92 (osc./mixer) - DF92 (IF stage) - DAF91 (detector and AF) - DL94 (output)

Power: Batteries 75V and 2 pc. 1.5V

Bands: Mediumwave

Controls: Volume, tuning and a power saving switch which disables one half of the DL94-filament. This reduces the total filament current from 250 to 200 mA thus increasing battery life..

Obtained: October 1986 from the same guy who had already asold me 10 other sets on the flea market. I never asked him but I suppose another collector gave up his hobby.

Condition: 9. I rubbed all oxides from the brass parts and sprayed them with acrylic varnish.

Working: It took me quite some time to find out that the previous owner had connected the first grid of the DK92 to the wrong part of the tuning cap. Now it works nicely.