Automatic Radio - B44 Tom Thumb Bike Radio

Tom Thumb Bike radioTom Thumb advertisement

Brand and type: Automatic Radio - B44 Tom Thumb Bike Radio - portable.

Produced: USA in 1950. Robert Schlauch sent the picture of the ad to me.

Case: metal covered with wrinkle finish. This is a tiny one, it should be with a name like this! Dimensions WxHxD: 20.5x11.5x9.5 cm. The telescopic rod on the left side reaches up to 120 cm. The radio is meant for use on your bike, mounted on a special device which I don't have, unfortunately. See the ad for the looks. Contact me if you have one for sale!

Tubes: 1R5 (osc./mixer) - 1U4 (IF stage) -1S5 (det. and 1st AF) - 3S4 (output pentode).

Bands: only MW.

Condition: 9 after refinishing. I had to fill up some holes in the case first. The wrinkle finish was only available in black or grey, so I sprayed it over in red, as it originally was. I paid more for the finishing materials than for the radio!

Working: OK but less sensitive due to the single rod antenna.