Akkord Radio - Pinguin M55

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Brand and type: Akkord Radio - Pinguin M55 - portable

Produced: Germany, about 1954. This radio was sold in Brussels, a name tag of the shop is riveted inside.

Case: Wood covered with green imitation snakeskin. The brass speaker grille was almost black when I bought the radio. It took me a week to thoroughly clean it, I sprayed it with an acrylic varnish to keep it as it is. This seems to be a good remedy in general for all brass parts, if you want them to remain shiny and do not want to polish it every week.

Tubes: DK96 (osc./mixer) - DF96(IF-stage) - DAF96(det.+ AF-stage) - DL96 (output). All are 7-pin miniature types.

Power: 110/220 V AC/DC or batteries 100V and 2x 1.5 V (of course the fat D-cells in this case.

Connects: For a phono pickup in the inside using a 2-pin receptable for banana plugs. There's no switch for it, so simply turn the pointer to a quiet place on the dial.....

Bands: 4, selected by 3 push buttons: LW 145-300 KHz, MW in 2 sections: 550-1100 and 1050-1620 KHz, SW with all buttons out: 25-31-41-50 m. So the shortwave is really crowded on the tiny scale and tuning in correctly is a matter of lucky fingers.

Obtained: from a 1500-stands flea market in 1984. At that time you could find tube portables more easyly, nowadays they are scarce on the normal flea markets.

Condition: 9, after a lot of cleaning.

Working: excellent after I had cured a few sneaky faults. The sound is good for a portable.