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In Memoriam: Piet Hoen

This site belonged to my dear brother Piet, who suddenly died on september 27th, 2000. He put a lot of work in this site, which was well-known all over the world and had won several prizes. In order to honor him and continue his spirit/soul on the internet, I have decided to keep this site 'on air'.

Please come and visit also Piet's memorial site: http://www.hoenmeuffels.nl/piet, where you can see several memorial pictures, music, speeches etc. which where used during his cremation.

(PS: Please do NOT send any e-mails concerning Piet's collection, since it's no longer in our possession.)


On these pages you'll find a part of my radio collection. Long ago I started collecting for several reasons. Their unique look and sound, not to forget the special smell, always affected me. Besides I like repairing and restauration. For some descriptions you need a bit of knowledge of the matter. I will change the contents of my site from time to time, so give it a bookmark and come back every now and then! A very small part is in Dutch, because Holland is where I live.


This website has been awarded Site of the Week by:

Planet Internet the biggest Dutch Internet provider, in January 2000.
Gazet van Antwerpen a major Belgian newspaper, in April 1998.

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